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Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire

West Wing kicks ASS

Yeah, look, we're not dead here...not really.

I watched the season finale of West Wing Wednesday.


I can't even begin to tell you how into it I was. That "chaos" over the 3 candidates at the convention, and then 4...THAT'S how conventions are SUPPOSED to be. THAT'S how you get anywhere.

And the end, a Santos-McGarry ticket, seriously, I was almost to tears I was so excited. This show has life again.

Doesn't that almost make it certain it'll be Jimmy Smits as President Santos? And how much of the Bartlet staff will he have on by having Leo as the VP? Keep in mind, Alan Alda as Vinnick has introduced Patricia Richardson and Stephen Root as two of his aides.

OH...and the kids will love this http://www.tvshowsondvd.com
you can get news and release dates for what shows come out when AND vote to let SOMEONE know "hey, I'd like to have THAT show on DVD"

Just look at what DVD has done for TV...freakin' Greatest American Hero is out now. I haven't seen that show in close to 20 years.

Season One of Scrubs is coming out soon, and Season Four of Seinfeld, One and Two together for NewsRadio...it keeps getting better.
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